Stan Lee Tribute Wall Lets Fans Share Messages & Memories Online

Stan Lee with Spider-Man

Marvel fans from around the world are still reeling from the death of Stan Lee, but now a new tribute wall allows them to pay their respects together. It's been almost a week since the world lost Lee, but the ongoing wave of tributes, memorials, and expressions of gratitude looks likely to continue unabated for some time to come. It's not hard to understand why, as Lee was one of - if not the - most beloved figures in pop culture, and had a hand in creating multiple iconic characters that will keep thrilling fans for generations to come.

Beyond his various works in comic books, films, and TV, Lee was known as one of the nicest people any fan would ever want to meet. As made very clear by a posthumously released video, Lee wasn't one of those celebrities who sees interacting with fans as a chore or an inconvenience. Lee loved talking to his followers, whether it be via exchanging letters, meeting at fan conventions, or via his official website and Twitter account. Lee treasured the idea that his work could bring so many unconnected people together, and cherished that he was genuinely cared about by so many people he'd never even met. With so many stars seeming to view the fan interaction part of being famous as an obligation more than anything, it's refreshing to see a true icon that appreciated his fanbase.

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While Lee had a private funeral organized by his family, POW! Entertainment - a company Lee co-founded - recently announced plans to hold some type of public memorial event for the Marvel legend that would allow his fans to pay their respects in person. The details are still to come, but in the meantime, Lee's official website now serves as a "memory wall" full of tributes and remembrances of the master of MCU cameos. Fans that want their posts included on the wall need only use one of the following hashtags when posting on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram: #RIPStanLee, #StanLee, #Excelsior, and #StanForever.

Although Stan Lee himself is no longer among the living, many fans are still wondering how many more times they'll get to see him onscreen. Lee's been confirmed to have already shot cameos for March's Captain Marvel solo movie, and May's MCU Phase 3 conclusion (the still untitled) Avengers 4. After that, it's unclear whether he filmed anymore appearances, although it would certainly be appropriate for him to show up in Spider-Man: Far From Home, having created Peter Parker alongside Steve Ditko.

While everyone obviously knew Stan Lee was a mortal man, he was still one of those figures that many hoped would somehow live forever, serving as the eternal elder statesman of comic books and comic book movies. Unfortunately, he's now gone, and the pain around that will continue for some time to come. In the end though, his work truly will make him immortal.

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Source: Stan Lee's Website

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