Stan Lee's 'Thor' Cameo Revealed?

We've known for a long time now that legendary comic book writer, Stan Lee, is going to have a cameo in the upcoming Thor movie, which stars Chris Hemsworth as the titular thunder god. However, we've not really known exactly what his cameo will be... but that might have changed today.

According to a fan site called, who have a report from someone on the Thor set, Lee will have a cameo that keeps in tune with his previous Marvel movie appearances, meaning small but memorably humorous. Here's what the fan site has on Lee's cameo - but be warned,  it could be considered a SPOILER so if you want to stay in the dark then stop reading now.

We all good? Okay, here's what Lee's cameo will supposedly be:

"Thor’s hammer ( Mjolnir ) is found lying inside a crater in the middle of the road by the U.S. Army. The army tries to move it but can’t because it’s too heavy. They decide to bring in a truck for assistance. The soldiers tie Thor’s hammer to the back of the truck with chains. The truck driver accelerates to pull Mjohnir. The back half of the truck falls apart as the front keeps moving. Finally, the camera cuts to the driver who happens to be comic legend Stan Lee."

It comes as no surprise as it's become a tradition for Mr. Lee to have small but memorable cameos in Marvel superhero movies. In Iron Man he was "Hugh Hefner"; in The Incredible Hulk he was the man who drank the juice bottle infected with Bruce Banner's blood; in Spider-Man 2 he was a man dodging some debris... I could go on and on, but I won't. If you want to know the rest of Lee's superhero movie cameos you can check out below this nifty compilation video we posted about last year.


Needless to say, no matter what people think of the movies as a whole, most fans love it whenever Mr. Lee pops up in one of these comic book movies. He'll next have a cameo in Iron Man 2 (where he'll be playing Larry King) but after that we can look forward to seeing him make a cameo in Thor.

Stan Lee as Hugh Hefner on set of Iron Man
Stan Lee as Hugh Hefner on set of Iron Man.

NOTE: Although we know for a fact that Lee WILL have a cameo in Thor, the specific details above may not actually be true - so for now treat it as a RUMOR. But as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't sound all that unbelievable.

What do you think of Stan Lee's cameo in Thor? Does it sound like it could be true to you? And if so, is it in keeping with his other cameos?

Thor opens in theaters on May 5th, 2011.

Source: (via Collider)

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