Stan Lee Talks Iron Man 2 & Thor Cameos

Is there anybody that doesn't know or respect Stan "The Man" Lee, the official godfather of comics? The octogenarian artist is responsible to bringing many of the comic superheroes that readers have come to love and that movie audiences are now becoming familiar with as well. One of the fun points in the each of the Marvel films is a "Where's Waldo?" style game that is played with Stan Lee standing in for Waldo.

Starting way back in 2000 with X-Men, he's appeared in majority of the Marvel Comics-based movies. The one he was most notably missing from is this summer's blockbuster (financially) X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Steve at Collider had a great interview with him at Scream Fest, where Stan explains that he likes doing the cameos but that they weren't his idea and doesn't do them if he has to travel far. Since Wolverine was filmed in Australia, that would explain his absence.

In the upcoming Iron Man sequel, Lee says director Jon Favreau called him up and said "put on these thick black glasses and these suspenders; you're playing Larry King." Watch the entire interview after the jump.

Well I for one think having Stan Lee as Odin in Thor would have been cool; maybe not the right casting choice, but still cool in a geeky way. Someone on YouTube has put together all of Lee's cameos in a video that you can watch below. One thing you will notice is a progression from background cameos to speaking parts and more foreground cameos.


Does anyone remember Stan's cameo during the television show The Incredible Hulk? He was a juror during a trial with Dr. Bruce Banner on the witness stand. One thing leads to another and Banner "hulks" out and Stan shows up in the scene a couple of times. Unless I'm mistaken, this might have been his first cameo. Watch below scene at YouTube here.

I also love the way Stan Lee is so approachable and friendly. He truly looks and acts like a grown up geek that is just having the time of his life. I can understand a bit of his frustration though about going to Comic Con. He probably wants to just walk around and visit the booths and see what all the young artists have to offer and where the future of comics is heading; but because he has a very recognizable face, that's hard for him to do.

That being said, I don't think I've ever heard of anyone complaining that he was a rude jerk to them for asking for an autograph or posing for a picture. In fact, our own Rob Keyes got to chat with him at an after-party during this summer's San Diego Comic-Con and had nothing but great things to see about him. I'm not sure who has the bigger smile - Stan or Rob.

What do you think Stan Lee's cameo will be in Thor and do you enjoy looking for them in the Marvel films?

Source: Collider

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