Stan Lee Will No Longer Attend Public or Convention Signings

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It's a sad day for comic book fans as it has been announced that Stan Lee will no longer be participating in public of convention signings. Lee is widely considered a comic book legend and one of the most influential comic book writers as he created several characters for Marvel back in the publishing company's earlier years.

Lee has been credited as creator or co-creator for several Marvel superheroes that have since been developed into Hollywood blockbusters including, Spider-Man, Hulk, and Iron Man. He was no doubt influential back when he wrote comics for Marvel and still remains an iconic figure in the entertainment industry given his multiple cameos in superhero films. Even though the comic book legend is now 95 years old, he has remained in the public eye by not only appearing in movies but by attending comic conventions where he signed hundreds of items for fans. Getting a rare comic book signed by Lee was a main way collectors could increase the value of a book. However, it will now be much harder to get Lee's autograph.

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As reported by Bleeding Cool, fans will no longer be getting the option of having Lee sign their favorite comic book or figure at conventions or public signings. When Jonathan Bolerjack - who is helping look after Lee - spoke with Bleeding Cool, he commented, "To be very clear, Stan is 100 percent not doing any conventions / public signings. In the last few years his well being had been compromised by people for monetary gain and that practice is over." Bolerjack went on to say that private signings were also temporarily on hold and that Lee would only be signing a small number of items when the comic legend wanted to do so.

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Lee has been in the headlines a lot lately. A little more than a year ago, Lee's wife Joan Lee passed away at the age of 95. Earlier this year, Lee was accused of sexual misconduct by nurses that were taking care of him, though Lee denied these allegations. This year has proven to be increasingly tough since it was also reported that Lee was a victim of elder abuse and because he was threatened by armed gunman at his home.

To make matters worse, Lee has also been dealing with several health concerns including an irregular heartbeat, pneumonia, and macular degeneration. His health concerns are no doubt a contributing factor to the decision to not have him attend public and convention signings. Even though he has had a troubling year, things have started to turn around since Lee was recently inducted into the Sci-Fi and Fantasy Hall of Fame and since a judge granted his request for a restraining order against his ex-business manager, Keya Morgan. While it may be upsetting that Lee won't be attending these signings, it's reassuring that people seem to now be looking out for his well-being rather trying to make a profit off of his fame.

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Source: Bleeding Cool

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