Stan Lee Returns With Emotional Video Message To Fans

Stan Lee Recovery

Stan Lee has announced that he will soon be active once again after a long period of general absence and behind-the-scenes drama in his life. The legendary comic creator has had numerous setbacks and disappointing rumors surrounding his life for the past year or two, so news that he is on the verge of a comeback will be welcome to fans. This announcement follows a previous video message in June promising “big news” on the horizon.

Lee’s recent troubles seemed to begin around the time that he lost his wife, Joan, in 2017, after 69 years of marriage. Soon after, news reports about Stan’s health indicated that he was not doing well, and may even have been the victim of elder abuse. Lee later recanted the claims, but that did not stop others from speculating that he was still not in great health. A video of Lee struggling to sign autographs while meeting fans at a convention raised concern from most viewers, as he appeared barely functional without assistance. His trip to the hospital a few months ago due to an irregular heartbeat definitely brought concern for Lee’s well-being to its peak, though he was discharged the next day.

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According to a new video posted on Stan Lee’s official Twitter, it appears that he is in the process of getting better. The clip is short (just over a minute) but it brings with it the classic Stan Lee optimism that has been mostly absent in the past year. Lee cracks a joke, telling his fans, “I hope you haven’t forgotten me. You better not have forgotten me.” The mood is lightened instantly, and Stan then continues to joke about his age, claiming to be only 79 years old.

From there, his tone becomes a little more serious as he wants to start reaching out to fans again in the way he has done, in his words, “for generations.” His words become even more touching when he says he thinks of fans more like his friends, and vice versa. To bring some hope for the future, Lee promises this to be the first in a series of new videos, where he will be bringing a “new energy.” He then, of course, signs off with his signature, “Excelsior!”

The video is a refreshing sign that even though Lee still has some recovering to do, he seems to be on the upswing. Aside from his health waning, the past year also created financial stress for Lee, as he filed a restraining order against his longtime business manager, Keya Morgan. This followed Morgan’s arrest for filing a false police report involving two gunmen threatening Lee outside his home. Even Lee’s reputation was at stake after several women came forward accusing him of sexual misconduct, which he vehemently denied. Through all this, fans showed their support and it seems to have meant a great deal to Lee. Whatever follows in this “series” of videos is sure to ease the worried minds of Marvel devotees everywhere. Stan Lee is back.

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