Judge Grants Stan Lee's Restraining Order Against Former Business Manager

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While Stan Lee's legal troubles continue on, it seems a recent approved restraining order against ex-business manager Keya Morgan could mean a light at the end of the tunnel. The Marvel mastermind behind some of today's most revered comic book characters has been facing an overwhelming, and at times confusing, amount of legal problems that seem unceasing. With this latest court room battle, fans hope it will provide Lee with some peace of mind.

Last month, Stan Lee's business manager Morgan was arrested for filing a false police report. In late May, Morgan had filed a claim regarding armed men demanding money at the home of Lee. Following his arrest, a restraining order was placed on behalf of Lee, preventing communication from Morgan for fear he would manipulate the comic legend to leave with him to an unknown location. It is believed that Morgan was manipulating Lee, secluding him from his family and financial advisors in order to control his estate.

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While initial reports were released yesterday that the restraining order against Morgan had been dismissed, Variety has reported that a new restraining order filed by different legal representation for Lee has been granted. While attorney Tom Lallas arrived at the court room yesterday morning claiming to represent Lee "with the blessing of the LAPD," Judge Pro Tem Ruth Kleman found that he was not a legal representative of Lee as he had been fired in February, thus dismissing the restraining order he had filed last month. Before days end, however, another restraining order was filed and considered by the court through Lee's newest attorney Stephen Crump alleging Morgan is placing harassing calls in order to regain control of Lee's affairs. The new restraining order was approved, pending a hearing on July 26.

It has been a rough year for Lee. Following the death of his wife last July, the comic legend himself, as well as the affairs of his estate, has faced a surmounting variety of legal and medical troubles. Rushed to the hospital earlier this year, the health of the aging legend remains a concern for fans, though not as much as the individuals caring for him. Lee found himself at the center of elder abuse claims earlier this year, citing family members and business personnel as his abusers. Morgan was included in this list.

While the restraining order is only temporary, it may keep the ex-business manager away from Lee. Yet, while Morgan is unable to reach him, many continue to remain concerned as Lee's daughter J.C. Lee, who was one of the accused in the elder abuse claims earlier this year, steps forward to regain control of Lee's affairs.

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Source: Variety

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