Stan Lee On Iron Man: "totally different than anything we have seen before"

During an interview for the second season of Who Wants to be a Superhero?, Superherohype asked Stan Lee about the upcoming Iron Man movie. Before I get to the Iron Man comment, I do need to say something about Who Wants to be a Superhero?...

When I first heard about the show it sounded like it might be fun to watch, but I never tuned into a single episode due to one brief scene in one of the commercials:

A middle-aged guy wearing short-shorts jiggling his saggy butt (each cheek peeking through the bottom of his shorts) for the camera.

For me, that was all she wrote and there was no way I was tuning in for even the remotest possibility of seeing a gag-reflex-inducing visual like that again.

Moving on...

Stan had this to say about his cameo in the movie:

"...wait until you see it. It is probably the most unexpected and the most startling one yet."

I've read that Tony Stark will mistake him for Hugh Hefner, so I'm not sure what's shocking about that, but I suppose if there's a Hefner connection it could be shocking. :-)

And regarding RDJ in the role of Tony Stark, how Favreau is handling the film and how Iron Man will be different from anything seen before:

"I've only seen a little bit of it but he [Robert Downey Jr.] is magnificent in the role. The director Jon Favreau has this thing down cold and the rest of the cast is great. If you could really overlook my silly cameo I think the movie is going to be a monster hit because it is something totally different than anything we have seen before. And having something different is so important as proven by the Transformers. For better or worse, nobody has ever seen anything done like that on the screen before. I think we are living in a world where people just want visual excitement. They want to see things they haven't seen. With 'Iron Man' the scenes are coupled with what I think is a really good story." [Emphasis added]

He also had a couple of things to say regarding the reboot of the Hulk on the big screen:

"I think it [the new movie] is a great idea because the Hulk is a terrific character and I think there were just a few things wrong with the first movie. I think those things can be rectified and remedied in the second movie. I think the second movie will really surprise everybody."

Now I realize of course, that Stan Lee walks around in a constant state of optimism that my wife can only dream that I will ever achieve, but his comment about Iron Man being something we've never seen before does intrigue me. The context of his comment doesn't suggest that it's just something never seen before in a Marvel superhero flick, but something completely different visually along the lines of the way that Transformers was very different than anything that had come before in regards to CGI effects.

Source: Superherohype

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