Fan Art Recasts Marvel Legend Stan Lee as the MCU's Odin

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Recently released fan art has imagined what it would have been like if legendary Marvel writer Stan Lee had been cast in the role of Odin in Thor. There’s no doubt about it: Anthony Hopkins’ performance as Odin in the Thor films was one of the more memorable parts of the trilogy, even up to the character’s apparent death early on in Thor: Ragnarok. Hopkins' chemistry with everyone else on screen with him elevated the films (especially Thor: The Dark World, which many fans consider one of the weaker entries in the MCU) even when his character wasn’t exactly featured heavily.

Regardless, fan castings, even done in good fun, has always been a popular pastime, up to and including names like Jessica Chastain as Pepper Pots, as well as a plethora of others. Most of the time, movie studios seemingly get it right when it comes to casting, especially in Marvel’s case. Still, fans imagining an alternative world where one actor or another in a big time comic book role is a trend that will more than likely not slow down anytime soon. That trend has continues with one fan who has imagined what Lee would be like as Odin himself.

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Created by Reddit user mandal0re, a new fan edit has recast the role of Thor and Loki’s father Odin for none other than Marvel’s legendary writer (as well as creator or co-creator of many famous Marvel characters) Stan Lee. The image sees Lee with a full on beard and long hair, much like Hopkins and the comic counterpart, as well as wielding the spear Gungnir. Check out the full image below:

Looking at the image, it’s certainly easy to imagine an alternate reality where Lee was cast in the role of Odin instead of Hopkins. It would have been fitting as well for Lee to inhabit a father figure role, when take into account his legendary status as the “father” of several extremely popular Marvel characters.

Still, it’s clear that mandal0re’s intent with the image was simply to have some fun and imagine what Lee would have looked like as a character as fitting as Odin. Realistically, however, Lee has never really seemed to be one for acting, aside from his many cameos in MCU films. Combined with the fact that the role would have required a great deal of Lee’s time and that the former Marvel writer would have been in his late 80’s when the Thor films started, and it doesn’t seem like a sustainable idea. Either way, fans can still have fun imagining another world where Lee was the MCU’s Odin.

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Source: mandal0re

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