Stan Lee's 'Nick Ratchet' Gets Writers

Comic-book legend Stan Lee struck a deal last year with Disney to bring projects from his POW! Entertainment label to life. And last month that deal paid off as Disney will be producing no less than three of his projects - one of which is Nick Ratchet, a detective film that sounds quite unique.

Writing duo David Weisberg and Douglas Cook have been brought on-board together to pen this project that could only have come from the mind of the man who co-created such characters as The Hulk, X-Men, Spider-man and Iron Man. According to Empire, the film is, "a mystery-thriller about a meek police officer transformed Jekyll and Hyde-style into Nick Ratchet, a tough avatar cop who emerges from a video game to assume control of his creator."

That sounds... interesting.

P.S. I Love You helmer Richard LaGravenese is attached to direct the movie (really, Stan?), with Larry Jacobson and ex-NYPD officer Sonny Grosso currently in talks to produce (probably to oversee the police officer aspect - ya' know, to make sure they get it right...).

Along with the other two projects in the Disney deal, Blaze and Tigress, Lee sees Nick Ratchet making its way to the comic-book page as well as the big screen - "You either have a great comic-book and it becomes a great movie, or you have a great movie that becomes a great comic-book... These things have a natural progression," Lee said.

It's really amazing that at 85 years old, Lee is still working as if he has all the time in the world. Although he'll never come up with another Hulk or Spider-Man, it's nonetheless very pleasing to see a man of his age still going strong.

The idea for Nick Ratchet sounds quite interesting, indeed, with it having the potential to be a very fun watch. Weisberg and Cook (who wrote Michael Bay's career highlight The Rock together) aren't the most experienced of writers, but clearly Lee has faith in them or else they wouldn't be getting anywhere near his original idea.

Screen Rant will keep you up-to-date on Nick Ratchet as we here more about it.

For now: Do you like the sound of Lee's Nick Ratchet? Should they get writers more experienced than Weisberg and Cook to script it?

Source: Empire

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