Marvel Studios Compiling Behind the Scenes Look at Stan Lee's MCU Cameos

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige reveals that the company is assembling a behind-the-scenes look at late icon Stan Lee's various MCU cameos. Lee of course passed away last year at the age of 95, after a rough couple of years both personally and health-wise. While it remains sad that Lee's gone, his contributions to pop culture via Marvel Comics and the films they've inspired will continue to live on forever. Lee was truly one of a kind, and he won't soon be forgotten by fans.

On the big screen, Lee became famous for his amusing cameos in a variety of comic book-based films, with his most high-profile being appearances in every single MCU entry to date. It had been rumored previously that Lee might've filmed a cameo for this summer's Spider-Man: Far From Home, but co-director Joe Russo recently clarified that Lee's final MCU appearance will in fact take place in this week's highly anticipated Avengers: Endgame. In many ways, it's quite fitting for Lee's final cameo to be in possibly the biggest movie Marvel will ever make.

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While Lee's various MCU cameos will live on via the Blu-Ray releases of each individual film, it turns out that won't be the only way Lee's MCU legacy is remembered. As revealed during a sit down with EW by Feige, Marvel Studios is currently compiling a variety of behind-the-scenes footage recorded during Lee's filming sessions for his cameos. The footage will also even include the making of a deleted Lee cameo from The Avengers that wasn't used. Here's Feige's full quote:

We’ve put a video together. We’ve never done this before, a behind-the-scenes of every cameo. All the B-roll that was shot and his stand-ups there. His passing was very emotional for all of us, but it suddenly all came back to me just when I watched it.

Considering how basically everyone who's worked on the MCU has some kind of positive story about interacting with Lee to share, one assumes this behind-the-scenes footage will offer fans an opportunity to be reminded of just how kind and personable Lee was. No one involved with the MCU has ever had a bad word to say about Lee, and for many, sharing a set with him was probably quite pleasing for their inner child. It'll be nice to revisit Lee's MCU work, even if there isn't any more to come.

As for when fans will get to see this compilation of MCU Lee footage, Feige teased that it might be released as an extra on the home video release of Avengers: Endgame. That would certainly be a fitting venue for such a feature. In the meantime, fans should get ready to see Lee onscreen one last time, as the Avengers go head to head with Thanos, and try whatever it takes to resurrect their dead loved ones.

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Source: EW

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