Stan Lee: Marvel Heroes Stand Against Hatred, Intolerance & Bigotry

Stan Lee has taken a stand against any kind of social oppression, saying that Marvel does not tolerate hatred, intolerance, and bigotry in any form. One of the most respected and admired comic book writers, as well as one of the biggest driving forces behind the comic book movie industry as it exists today, Lee has received countless honors for his immense contributions not just to the world of comic books, but also pop culture in general.

More recently, Lee has played a smaller role in the comic book-based film spectrum, making quick but fun cameos in Marvel movies (be they part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe or not), and it's possible that the younger generation of comic book fans know him more better for doing just that. However, that does not mean that he is no longer involved in the some of the more serious conversations around comic book culture, as demonstrated by his latest social media post - one that addresses the grim state of things in the world, in the aftermath of the white supremacist-driven violence that took place back in August in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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The veteran comic book writer has spoken with regard to the controversial debate about racism, sexism, and just about any kind of hatred rooted in preconceived misconceptions about other people, solely because of the way they look or what their beliefs are. Using Marvel Entertainment's official YouTube account as his platform, Lee has posted a short but concise video message (which you can watch above) reiterating that Marvel does not condone these uncalled for acts of violence towards other people. As he puts it:

X-Men comic book characters

“The only things we don’t have room for, are hatred, intolerance and bigotry. That man next to you - he’s your brother. That woman over there - she’s your sister. And that kid walking by - hey, who knows, he may have the proportionate strength of a spider! We’re all part of one big family - the human family - and we all come together in the body of Marvel.”

While we all know Lee as one of Marvel Comics' pioneering writers, he has always been very socially active, using his comic book creations to send a message of not just hope but most importantly, inclusion. Back in the 1960s, for example, Lee helped to establish the X-Men comic books as being an allegory about the experience of outsiders who are ostracized from society based on prejudice. Lee was also one of the creative minds behind Black Panther, who was the first African superhero in mainstream American comics.

Marvel continues to honor Stan Lee's work in modern times with a slew of diverse comic book heroes that mirrors the changing world we live in; see for example, the introduction of Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel), Miles Morales (Spider-Man), and Amadeus Cho (The Hulk) in recent years. In terms of film and TV, however, both the MCU and Fox's Marvel film universe still have a fair amount of catching up to do, in terms of representation. However, with the imminent arrival of a Black Panther movie starring Chadwick Boseman and a Captain Marvel origins movie featuring Brie Larson, steps are being taken in the right direction in that respect.

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