Old Steve Rogers Should Be Marvel's New Stan Lee Cameo

Old Steve Rogers from Avengers Endgame and Stan Lee

Now that Stan Lee can no longer make cameo appearances in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, old Steve Rogers should continue the tradition. Avengers: Endgame likely marks the last time that the beloved Marvel creator, the man behind many of the MCU's characters, will make an on-screen appearance.

Stan Lee had appeared in all 22 MCU films since 2008's Iron Man, and a long list of other Marvel projects besides including TV shows, animated series and other movies. His cameo appearances were always a treat to Marvel fans as he would tend to pop up at random times while adding a burst of quick humor. Sadly, Lee passed away in November of 2018 which means his cameo tradition has come to an end.

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There's no influential figure connected to Marvel that could possibly compare to Stan Lee; he's a sacred member to the community. So rather than trying to find someone who can "replace" him (an impossible task), the MCU should honor the tradition with one of Marvel's most admirable characters. Steve Rogers is the true heart of the Avengers as his compassion and morals drive him to be the best version of a superhero. In the current MCU timeline, as shown in Endgame, Steve Rogers is now an old man, making him the perfect candidate to create a new cameo tradition.

Captain America volunteered to return the Infinity Stones to their rightful spots among the timeline at the end of Avengers: Endgame. Instead of returning to 2023, however, Steve traveled back to the 1940s for the chance to live out his life with Peggy Carter. When he made it back to the MCU's current time period, old Steve was discovered by Sam and Bucky. Steve passed on the Captain America mantle to Sam, but it's unclear what his future holds for him afterwards.

This older version of Steve Rogers could show in future films as a background character keeping an eye on his old friends and otherwise intersecting the stories just as Stan Lee did in the first three phases of movies. And, as Steve lived a semi-normal life for decades with Peggy, he could show up via flashbacks or in prequels, such as next year's Black Widow.

Of course, as with all extended universes like Marvel, there could be canon concerns in having Captain America appear in so many random places. But surely, Marvel could find a way to make it work as it gives fans something to look forward to. It would also be one way for Marvel to hang on to Chris Evans without making him a starring role. For all we know, Marvel could already have a few tricks up their sleeves to incorporate Chris Evans' portrayal as Steve into the MCU's future.

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