Kevin Smith Invites Stan Lee to Come Live With Him

In the wake of the comic and fan community's concern for Marvel co-creator Stan Lee, comic fan Kevin Smith invites Lee to live with him.

Hollywood giant and beloved fan icon Kevin Smith invited Marvel legend Stan Lee to live with him in the wake of allegations of elder abuse. The nonagenarian has been in the news due to the shocking revelations that members of his inner circle have been misusing his personal fortune possibly putting the co-creator of Marvel's lexicon of characters in danger of losing his fortune.

Lee, best known as the creator of Spider-Man, The Fantastic Four, and The Incredible Hulk, made the news after a report suggested Lee was the victim of people with "bad intentions." The comic legend became the subject of these shocking allegations after his wife Joanie Lee passed away at 95. Among those named are Keya Morgan, Lee's former publicist and caregiver; Jerry Olivarez, Lee's former road manager; Max Anderson; and Lee's 67-year-old daughter J.C. Lee. After fans at Silicon Valley Comic Con expressed concern for Lee's wellbeing, fans everywhere have rallied together to express concern for the icon.


Other fans like Kevin Smith are stepping up to offer suggestions of more direct support for one of the figures who has shaped the modern Hollywood landscape. The director and writer took to Twitter to offer his support for Lee after quote tweeting THR's expose about Lee's current conditions. Smith, recently recovering from a heart attack, probably understands more than many the position that creators find themselves in when in poor health. Smith is currently recovering and doing well after a near-fatal heart attack.

It's something he and Lee have in common as Lee was hospitalized in February following an irregular heartbeat. While it remains to be seen just what fans can do when such a mythical figure is in jeopardy, Smith's declaration has inspired more support from fans who are concerned. Lee's status is currently unknown. THR obtained a declaration that details his daughter's role in the tragedy unfolding around the creator.

Smith may not make good on his offer, but the world is clearly rallying around Lee. In such a convoluted situation, however, it's important to remember that fans, the little people, don't have all the facts. Lee is not a reliable narrator and nobody outside of Lee's close circle knows exactly what's going on - and they have the ability to make their nefarious dealings legal.

THR's work exposing this debacle, however, has drawn the internet together. It's not a bad idea for fans to try to offer to help the creator of some of the most beloved stories in American culture today, or for Disney and/or Marvel to step in. Lee's role in creating characters like Spider-Man or the wildly popular Black Panther could turn the tide for Marvel's co-founder. Sadly, Lee's intimate circle and his ceremonial role in Marvel makes it difficult for either Marvel or Disney to step in. All fans can do for now is watch and wait and hope for a hero to present themselves.


Source: Kevin Smith/Twitter

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