Stan Lee Reveals His Favorite Marvel Movie Cameo

Famed for his Marvel movie and TV show cameos, Stan Lee has revealed that his personal favorite was the cameo for Avengers: Age of Ultron. There's a simple reason; it was the one involving the most screentime!

The trademark Stan Lee cameos are a core part of Marvel's brand, and a smart way of honoring the legendary comic book creator. These even transcend the Marvel Studios movies, with Lee continuing to cameo in major X-Men films and TV shows. A brief cameo in X-Men: Apocalypse even featured Stan with his late wife, who sadly passed away last year.

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But of all his many MCU cameos, which one is Lee's personal favorite? In an interview with Marvel HQ, Lee revealed that he's particularly fond of the Age of Ultron cameo.

"Well, I think the cameo that's my favorite is the one I did [with] Thor. I'm standing in a bar with him and he's drinking this Asgardian drink, which is very powerful, and I ask for a sip and he says, 'No, it would kill you,' and I insist. And he gives me a sip and then in the next scene, they're carrying me out. Now you're saying to yourself, 'Why is this Stan's favorite cameo?' and you haven't thought of the real reason. It's the only one I did that has two scenes. So I'm hoping it does well. Next time, they'll give me three scenes. You never know where it'll end."

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There's a sense in which Stan Lee is the face of Marvel Comics. Back when Marvel first started out, Lee ran editorial columns in the comics, allowing readers to get to know him. These were lively and engaging, and saw Stan create his own personal sign-offs, including the famous "Excelsior!" By the '70s, Stan was touring the country, constantly visiting universities to give guest talks to the students.

Lee's first Marvel film cameo was in 1998's The Trial of the Incredible Hulk, where he played a juror. It wasn't until the launch of the X-Men franchise that the tradition of the Stan Lee cameos really kicked off, with Lee playing a shocked man on the beach in 2000's X-Men. His cameos in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man films were particularly notable, with Lee actually making inspiring comments to the wall-crawler.

Last year's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 suggested that all the Stan Lee cameos have actually been an appearance by the same being, a mysterious Watcher's Informant. Clearly transcending time and space, the Watcher's Informant visits different times and places in order to get the lowdown, and then meets up with the Watchers to brief them on major events. A number of recent cameos have been rather less exciting, with Lee's face visible on mural in Deadpool 2. Marvel Studios has taken to filming the cameos in a bunch, meaning they only need to get Lee on-set for a single day but can cover a couple of years' worth of films. Perhaps a future Marvel movie cameo will eventually top the one in Age of Ultron.

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Source: MarvelHQ (via Comic Book)

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