Stan Lee's Cause of Death Revealed

Stan Lee's official cause of death has been revealed. Between the elder abuse reports and his bad case of pneumonia, Lee had been in the news a lot prior to his death, but not for the reasons fans had hoped. Lee unfortunately passed away at the age of 95 about two weeks ago, and people have been mourning his loss ever since.

Fans around the world have been grieving the loss of Lee, while also celebrating the legacy he left on the comic and film industries. Several people associated with Marvel and DC have made tributes to Lee online, and the six original Avengers actors also dedicated a page in THR to the Marvel pioneer. Black Panther actor Chadwick Boseman also recently gave Lee a musical tribute on Twitter. Many fans have also visited Lee's Hollywood Walk of Fame Star to make a shrine for their fallen hero. Needless to say, many people have been affected by the loss of Lee, and now his official cause of death has been made public.

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According to TMZ (via CBR), Lee died on Monday, November 12th at 9:17 AM at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, due to heart and respiratory failure. Lee was apparently still struggling with his case of aspiration pneumonia, but was "alert and positive" just days before his death. Lee's death certificate also revealed that he had been cremated and the ashes were given to his daughter, Joan Celia Lee.

Lee's family members held a private funeral for him on November 16th, but fans are still able to share their fond memories on a tribute wall on Lee's official website. POW! Entertainment is also said to be planning a public memorial for Lee, but details have not yet surfaced on what that will involve. While fans continue to grieve the loss of Lee, they can rest easy knowing they can see him back up on the big screen for a Marvel movie soon. It is believed that Lee had already filmed cameos for Captain Marvel and Avengers 4but Lee's appearance in any superhero movie past that is still unclear. Lee's cameo in Ralph Breaks the Internet has also recently been revealed.

The comic legend created so many iconic characters during his time in the industry, that many people agree that Lee can never be replaced. Lee has made an impact on not just the comic industry, but the film, TV, and video game industries as well, since several of his characters have been adapted for multiple mediums. Needless to say, although Lee has passed away, his legacy will continue to live on forever through the stories and characters he created.

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Source: TMZ (via CBR)

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