Stan Lee Sends His Regards For Missing Comic-Con 2018

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Stan Lee apologizes to his fans in a new video for being unable to attend San Diego Comic-Con this year. The comic book legend had recently been forced to curtail his lengthy list of planned personal appearances following a bout of illness. Though previously reported as being in remarkable shape for a 95-year old, Lee has been cutting down on personal appearances over the past year.

Lee is easily the most famous comic book writer in the world and one of the most prolific creators of all time. He's most famous for having spearheaded much of what became known as the Silver Age of Comics, having co-created many of Marvel's most beloved heroes and villains while serving as editor-in-chief during the 1960s. For the better part of a decade, Stan was able to write and edit a dozen comic books per month, thanks to the Marvel Method, in which the artists drew the comics from a rough story outline, leaving the writer to add in the dialogue and caption boxes later. Though he hasn't been formally employed by Marvel Entertainment in years, Lee is still seen as a spokesman of sorts for the company and the comic book industry at large.

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Lee delivered his regrets about not being able to attend Comic-Con this year in a video on his official Twitter account. The brief video, which can be viewed below, included several pictures of Lee at earlier Comic-Cons and ended with Stan encouraging his followers to try and have fun without him. Lee quipped: "Luckily, I think you people can manage to have a reasonably good time without me." Take a look:

Fans are sure to be relieved that Lee is cracking-wise again in the brief video. Concerns for Lee's health has grown over the past year, as he appeared to be ill following the passing of his wife, Joan. Reports of elder abuse and a falling out with his management over the past year have only heightened worries over Lee's welfare, with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige and filmmaker Kevin Smith, who directed Lee in one of his few non-cameo acting roles in the movie Mallrats, offering their support to the legendary writer.

It is disappointing that Stan Lee isn't there to share in the fun this year at Comic-Con. Still, but his fans can take comfort in the fact that Lee is apparently recovering comfortably and is also in good spirits. Hopefully, he will be back on his feet and leading the cheers of "Excelsior!" soon enough.

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