Stan Lee's 'The Annihilator' Snags 'Real Steel' Screenwriter

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Magic Storm Entertainment has acquired the rights to a new superhero movie titled The Annihilator, based around an idea conceived by none-other than Stan "The Man" Lee. The titular character is one of the (almost) 90-year-old comic book legend's most recent "unorthodox" creations, alongside the sci-fi manga/anime Heroman and the still-in-development Governator comic book/cartoon series.

The company's CEO has announced that screenwriter Dan Gilroy is officially onboard for the project and will work from Lee's original POW! Entertainment treatment, while penning the Annihilator's big-screen debut.

The Annihilator's namesake is a man of Chinese heritage who "is given a second chance as an international superhero and returns home to mete out justice." Presumably, that means the character will be an ordinary person who gains extraordinary abilities (like many other Lee-created superheroes) and not someone who is resurrected from the dead with unnatural powers (a la The Crow).

For an early look at the latest super-powered warrior conceived by Lee - along with what may possibly be either a rival or comrade of his - check out some rumored Annihilator conceptual artwork (tip of the hat to below:

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So, assuming this artwork is indeed official, Lee's The Annihilator will visually resemble an Asian and somewhat taller, less-hairy version of Wolverine, albeit without mutation-based powers and the Adamantium-laced skeleton. What exactly his fighting capabilities will be, outside of some deadly Martial Arts skills, remains to be seen.

Annihilator writer Dan Gilroy (the younger brother of Oscar-nominated writer/director Tony Gilroy) is currently handling co-screenwriting duties on his sibling's next project, The Bourne Legacy. He has previously penned (or co-written) the scripts for films like the pulpy sci-fi flick Freejack, the sports drama/thriller Two for the Money, Tarsem Singh's The Fall, and, most recently, Real Steel.

That's all to say: D. Gilroy has a decent, if unspectacular, resume as a writer and seems a reasonable fit for Lee's latest creation. If nothing else, international superheroes are few and far-between; so, The Annihilator should stand out in the crowd (hopefully, in a good way).


We will keep you posted on any noteworthy new developments concerning The Annihilator.

Source: Magic Storm Entertainment, POW! Entertainment (via

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