Stallone Turns YouTube Into a War Zone for 'The Expendables'

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It's easy for some movie-goers to simply dismiss The Expendables as a testosterone-fueled run-and-gun-adventure - brought on by the collective mid-life crises of several fading 80s action stars. Instead of fight the notion, that The Expendables is built entirely around vapid 80s action-movie nostalgia, the marketing team at Lionsgate has full-on admitted it.

The result is one of the most clever, and entertaining, marketing campaigns in recent memory. Fortunately, Sylvester Stallone is in on the joke, and today we're getting another exciting video-tease for the film.

We're used to big-budget action films with big-budget ad campaigns - gone are the days of simply cutting an exciting trailer and designing a great theatrical one-sheet. Movie-marketing has become a monstrous business - and it requires true creativity to break through all the noise.

Just in the last month, we've seen a veritable hot-shot team of incredible Expendables marketing materials: an 8-Bit Contra-style flash-game, NSFW featurettes, and now an explosive, tongue-in-cheek, Stallone interview turned YouTube ground war.

The teaser doesn't allow for embedding (for reasons you'll soon see).


Watch the Sylvester Stallone interview-turned war-zone - HERE.


Christopher Nolan definitely holds the torch for the most creative viral marketing but Lionsgate has put together a great campaign for The Expendables, one that everyone can enjoy - and encourages sharing as well as repeat viewings.

That said, if you happen to be a fan of the more traditional filmclip-fair, we've also included the most recent Expendables clip featuring Stallone and Li discussing the pros and cons of being the "smaller" guy on the team - while getting shot-at of course.

At first glance The Expendables seemed like a laughable venture but Lionsgate managed to draw from the best aspects of the concept, as well as recruit an incredible cast, to capitalize on our love for 80s-camp-action. The marketing has continued to build momentum for the film, highlighting that the actors, as well as the studio, know the film is mindless escapism - but quite possibly mindless escapism at its best.

Well, at least until the female Expendables movie arrives.

The Expendables opens August 13, 2010.

Source: Lionsgate, Yahoo

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