New Details On Stallone & Schwarzenegger's 'The Tomb'

Some action fans have been waiting decades to see Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone face-off in a big screen action extravaganza. While The Expendables whet the appetites of audiences, it didn’t offer more than the duo exchanging a few snarky one-liners in a brief dialogue scene. The Expendables 2 looks to change that, with an expansion of Schwarzenegger’s role, but fans are more excited by the prospect of prison thriller The Tomb. Early word on the project indicates that it might just be worth the wait...

Movie Hole’s Clint Morris has had a look at the script and he’s enthusiastic about it. Very enthusiastic. Below is a brief rundown on the film, but beware there are MINOR SPOILERS.




The Tomb Plot Details (SPOILERS!)

The Tomb is set in the near future, with Stallone playing Ray Breslin, a professional prison escapee – his job is to understand the weaknesses within the compound, so that it can be fixed by Federal Bureau of Corrections.

The action-packed opening sees Breslin escaping from one such location, and once the job is over, he makes it clear that he plans to retire and enjoy the vast wealth that he has accumulated over the years. But when he’s offered one last job for $10 million, he just can’t turn it down.

Breslin is sent on one “final mission” by Clark, his friend and contact, who tells him little about this next job other than it is a “military establishment.” He soon arrives at “The Tomb,” which Morris describes a “Guantanamo Bay 2.0,” a floating private facility owned and overseen by Prison Warden Hobbs (Jim Caviezel’s character) and Drake, his right hand man. Breslin meets and befriends Swan (Schwarzenegger), who tells him that those incarcerated within The Tomb, are enemies of the state. Swan warns Breslin to take care “because dead bodies lead to the cancellation of prison social nights.”

Soon Breslin, Swan, and a few others are plotting their escape, and Morris says that we get “a ‘mind’s eye view’ of Breslin working out the inner structure of the prison – how the rooms are connected, how each room is wired or built, what machines and systems function in them; it’s a visual schematic if you will”.

Apparently the characters for Breslin and Swan feel like they stepped right out of the '80s, and while Morris describes Stallone’s role as “decent,” he states that Schwarzenegger’s character comes across as a 21st century incarnation of Predator’s Dutch, something which is sure to please fans.

It sounds like The Tomb is the film that action fans have been waiting for, and let’s hope that director Mikael Hasfstrom (1408) doesn’t drop the ball on the “amazingly fun script”. We’ll have to wait for a while, as both Stallone and Schwarzenegger have a number of other projects on the way. However, it seems like Last Stand, Black Sands, Bullet to the Head and The Expendables 2 are just going to be appetizers for the sirloin steak meal that is going to be The Tomb.

Source: Movie Hole


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