Stallone To Do Another 'Rambo'?

He had this to say:

Yeah, we are doing another 'Rambo,' but the conflict is whether to do it in America or a foreign country.

I had heard speculation about this possibly happening but I never actually believed Stallone would even consider the idea much less actually go ahead with it. Although last year's Rambo was a half bad/half awesome movie (the first half being dreadful, but the second half kicking copious amounts of ass), it ended pretty much as perfectly as could be, bringing the character's journey full circle to where we first saw him in the early 80s.

To me doing another film is wholly unnecessary and just seems to be to make money and nothing more. What more can possibly be done with the character that we haven't seen in First Blood, Rambo: First Blood Part II, Rambo III or Rambo? The ridiculously full-on action was pushed to the max in the fourth film and I just don't see the point in making another showing just more of the same.

But am I in the minority; does everyone else think it's pointless making another one or are you yearning for more Rambo action?

Source: Extra

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