Stallone Clears Up Rambo 5 Confusion [Updated]

Last night, we reported on breaking news for the next installment of the Rambo franchise, which centered on the story of Rambo 5 in addition to its title and first teaser poster. From what we heard, the idea for the fifth installment seemed a little odd and it resulted in some confusion and mixed reaction. This provoked Sylvester Stallone himself to quickly address the confusion and explain himself what the film's story is (and is not) about.

Originally, I had this latest news written in as a hefty-sized update to last night's post but I wanted to expand on it, now that we have a more concrete concept of Rambo 5's plot.

Sly read the reader feedback to the news last night on several sites that over-emphasized the science-fiction aspects of the story for Rambo V, so he left a message with Harry Knowles at Ain't It Cool News, who first broke the news, to clear up the details.

Read on for what Sly's explanation of Rambo V: The Savage Hunt...

In the voice mail, Stallone first emphasized that the story is not about him fighting a group super soldiers like in Universal Soldier, but instead, it's about him and a team brought in to fight a "savage beast" of a man - A man that represents an "amalgamation of fury and intelligence." (The result of conditioning people from when they were kids onward to make them fearless, intelligent and cunning warriors, a la 300)

This villain's ability to survive is rivaled only by that of Rambo and that's what makes the movie interesting. The doctors at this facility couldn't control this guy's mind and he became a "savage killing machine." Hence, the title.

He also clarified again that it's not Rambo battling a squad of super soldiers but instead that it's like you worst nightmare, "battling your primitive self."

Head over to AICN to hear the entire message Sly left.

[UPDATE: The official synopsis for Rambo 5 has been revealed and it turns out that what we heard before isn't too far off - we also know what the movie is now based on, so check it out here!]

Sly's idea of this savage beast-like character adds a great element to the nature of the film. Instead of a focus on physical ability and raw killing talent, we'll be seeing heavy emphasis on the strategic and tactical cunning of John Rambo and this villain, as one hunts the other.

I'm very interested in seeing this movie and I think hearing Stallone directly explaining what the film is really about will turn around the negative opinions resulting from the misinterpretation of what was reported last night.

I can't wait to find out who he has in mind to play the villain of this film and if we see Rambo leading a black ops team, I think it'd be cool to see Matthew Marsden return as the bad-ass sniper (aka, School Boy) from last year's Rambo.

What do you think of Rambo V: The Savage Hunt now?

Source: AICN

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