SR Picks [Video]: Star Trek Vs. Star Wars

Did you see the new Star Trek movie that opened this past weekend? If you have, you no doubt also saw that little movie called Star Wars that came out back in 1977. Did you notice any similarities?

J.J. Abrams has been openly honest all along that he was a fan of Star Wars growing up and not so much Star Trek. It’s no secret that he guided his new Star Trek movie in a more Star Wars-like fashion because of it.

From more differentiable aliens, to faster-paced and more dynamic ship battles, we saw in the movie many similarities to the classic Star Wars films. Even the little things like the phaser fire from the ships and sidearms looking and sounding more like Star Wars and the massive increase in usage of smaller craft to emphasize the grandness of the larger capital ships.

Here is some evidence that the J.J. Abrams’ entire movie is just like Star Wars. Watch and enjoy:

When you think of it, it was the perfect time for Star Trek to make its return. Star Wars has unfortunately turned away many fans and support with the prequels and then The Clone Wars (and Indiana Jones 4). Up until then, Star Wars sat strongly on the sci-fi throne. Now, as it falls (in terms of quality and not financial success - it still makes a fortune on the new kids show and ridiculous merchandising among many other facets), Trek comes swooping in at warp speed, returning from the dead, to take the mantle as the leading Sci-Fi movie franchise.

The movie will have several sequels and will likely help give rise to a new Trek TV show down the road.

Although way over-simplified, it’s an interesting and funny video. What do you think?

Source: College Humor, Tom Bowl (Image)

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