SR Picks [Video]: Darth Vader Meets His Match

I love the classic Star Wars movies and I can't see myself ever getting over that passion.

On that note, we have for you an awesome video spoof featuring Darth Vader in an alternate version of the events surrounding the Death Star and its inhabitants (pre-destruction) from the first Star Wars movie.

SCI FI Wire picked up on a tweet from actress Ming-Na who linked to the following video from two years ago. It's based on a scene from A New Hope, re-created perfectly with one major exception...

... the addition of one new character, a love interest of our favorite Darth Vader.

Check it out:

Poor Darth Vader just wants to be loved...

Very high production quality! I'm impressed how they meshed the characters, costumes, style and dialogue perfectly with that of the original film. They could make an entire film like this.

What do you think of today's SR Pick?

The original Star Wars hit theaters May 25, 1977 and it's still awesome.

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