SR Picks: Real Life Spider-Man Saves Young Boy

A Bangkok firefighter threw on his super-hero costume to save the day! Sounds like something from a comic, but this happened in real life.

The incident began when teachers of a special needs school contacted the fire station when one of their young students started crying and climbed out on to a ledge of one of the classroom windows.

The school staff and emergency response people were unable to convince the 8-year old autistic boy back inside. While this was happening, the mother of the child made a comment about the boy’s love of comic superheroes and thank God she did because that remark led to the epic rescue – this is where it gets interesting.The mother’s words set off a light bulb in firefighter Somchai Yoosabai's head and he sped his way back to the fire station to put on his superhero attire – A Spider-Man costume that he had kept in his locker (he keeps it to help teach fire drills in schools). Using the red and blue tights (and a glass of juice) he was able to talk the child into walking into his arms and into safety.

The hero later told local news:

"I told him Spider-Man is here to rescue you, no monsters are going to attack you, and I told him to walk slowly towards me, as running could be dangerous"

Incredible! This story touched me and I had to share it with you all. Another example of a real-life superhero who was able to safely end a terrifying situation. Somchai Yoosabai, you can be a part of my superhero team any day.

Morale of the story? Those folks who dress-up in Superhero outfits for school activities, conventions, cosplay or even just Halloween are awesome – next time you see one, you should thank them for being awesome.

What do you think of this story?

Source: Sci-Fi Wire, BBC News

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