SR Picks: Pixar Makes a Little Girl’s Dying Wish Come True

When the world seems full of doom and gloom, there are always those special people that step up and make you feel good about life. When I hear stories about these heroes, I feel compelled to share them. Not long ago, I wrote about such a thing happening when Somchai Yoosabai, a Bangkok firefighter, single-handedly saved a young autistic boy with the help of his Spider-Man costume.

Today, we have another story of people doing something special for someone out of the goodness of their hearts.

Colby Curtin, a 10-year old girl described as fun, active and mature for her age, was diagnosed with a rare vascular cancer nearly three years ago and since then she has been fighting strong against it. For the last month or so however, her condition got worse and she would not live for long.

After seeing previews for Up attached to Monsters vs. Aliens, Colby absolutely had to see the upcoming Disney-Pixar 3-D film as lover of movies and animals herself. The problem was that by the time the film came out, she quickly became too ill to be brought to a theater to see it. And in those few days before her condition worsened, her mother’s request for a wheelchair came unanswered as the weekend passed by.

A photo of Colby Curtin by family friend Carole Lynch

The family feared that she would pass away without ever seeing the film. Terrell Orum-Moore, a family friend, was determined not to let that happen and began cold-calling Disney and Pixar to try to get someone to help.

The big obstacle for Orum-Moore was Pixar’s automated telephone system which asked for a specific name of an employee to pass the call through. Guessing names, she was able to get through to someone and the folks at Pixar listened to the story of dying Colby Curtin and agreed to fly someone out there the following day with a copy of the DVD.

The family friend then called Colby’s mother, Lisa Curtin, and told her the good news. Lisa asked her daughter if she could hang on just a bit longer to see the film. Colby responded:

“I’m ready (to die), but I’m going to wait for the movie,”

The following day, around lunch hour, the Pixar employee arrived with the DVD in hand and plenty of gifts.

They watched the film together but Colby couldn’t see much of the movie with pain forcing her eyes closed. Her mother helped by detailing what was happening on screen. After the film ended, the employee, who was described as being incredibly nice was very touched by the situation, left with the movie, having helped bring Colby her last wish.

After being able to experience the film she looked forward to so much, Lisa asked her daughter Colby if she liked it and she responded that she did. Colby passed away a mere seven hours later with both of her divorced parents at her bedside. Pixar came through and was able to make her last day something very special for the young girl and her family. They weren’t using this as some marketing scheme or to benefit their brand, they simply helped out the family to make Colby’s last wish come true.

Thank you, Pixar.

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To see more details on the story, check the original article at the OC Register, linked below.

Source: Orange County Register

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