SR Picks: Four Fun Charts For Geeks

Here at Screen Rant we love charts. Lucky for us then that over the past couple of months, a whole slew of fun movie-related graphs have hit the net. Check out four of our favorites below.


Our first movie chart comes from the guys over at GeekTyrant. As you can see, it's a graph comparing the relative size of a bunch of famous movie monsters. At the bottom of the scale is our old knife-wielding friend Chucky, from the Child's Play franchise. The biggest baddie on the chart is "Clover," the 180 ft. tall monster from J.J. Abrams' 2008 blockbuster Cloverfield.

Movie Monster Size Comparison

For a full-size version of the graph, click the image.

Interestingly, the thing that I like about this graph the most are the monsters in the middle. For instance, did you know the Rancor was 30 ft. tall? I sure didn't. It really puts Luke Skywalker's challenge in perspective, you know? I mean, the Rancor dwarfs the Tyrannosaurus Rex. It must have taken a lot of force (wink, wink) to bring it down. Anyway, moving on...


The Things You're Most Likely to Find on the Cover of a Fantasy Book

While not necessarily movie related, this chart appeals to the geek in all of us. Coming from Orbit Books (via our friends at io9), the chart shows the most popular elements featured on the covers of fantasy books published in 2008. Unsurprisingly, swords top the list. I wonder how that category might further be broken down. For instance, are fire swords more popular than glowing, magical swords? Coming in at the bottom of the chart are the beautiful, yet terrifically unmanly unicorns.

It's a pity the chart doesn't track cleavage, because I can guarantee that would be somewhere near the top. Almost every fantasy book out there has at least one or two scantily clad women (sometimes humans, sometimes elves) clutching onto the story's broad shouldered, sword-wielding hero. It's sort of expected, right? Alternatively, we sometimes get to see a sword-wielding Amazonian woman on the cover, but even then there's always some bountiful bosom for the reader to leer at. But, I digress. Moving on...

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