SR Picks [Video]: Fantastic Fan-Made Green Lantern Trailer

Screen Rant has some of the best fans in the webiverse and today's SR Pick comes as a direct result of being contacted by one of them (thanks for the heads up Lencho!). In recent weeks, there's been a ton of talk about the upcoming start to a new potential superhero franchise, Green Lantern. We've seen news ranging from reviews of the script, to a pile of casting rumors all the way to a hefty $150 million budget and a confirmed release date. On that note, we have one of the BEST fan trailers we have seen in a very long time for you today. YouTube user Jaronpitts has assembled a two-and-a-half minute trailer for DC's Green Lantern using twenty-eight different movies and TV shows. The detail and work he has put into this trailer is quite impressive. More importantly, the trailer promotes an idea for the lead role that has been talked about on many fansites but that I'm ashamed to say I had not thought of until now.

Watch the incredible trailer to see what we're talking about:


How in the world have fanboys not been jumping on the Nathan Fillion ship already?!? We should be beating down DC's and Warner Brothers' doors to make this a reality. Forget all the Brian Austin Green, Bradley Cooper and Chris Pine rumors, Fillion is the man for the job. This is just speculation but Fillion posted this on his Twitter page May 14th:

'94 on Flight Control, while waiting in the office of the Senior VP of DC Comics. Love when offices are full of toys!'

Flight Control is game for the iPhone for which he apparently has an addiction. Like I said, pure speculation, but I can completely see Fillion in the green and black spandex as Hal Jordan. So, did you like the trailer and what do you think about the possibility of Nathan Fillion wearing the Green Lantern ring?

Green Lantern is scheduled to release June 17th 2011.

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