SR Picks [Video]: X-Men Fan Becomes Pyro

This is one of those ideas I'd say is very bad but at the same time, it's pretty damn cool.

Everett Bradford put up a YouTube video to demonstrate what he calls "The Prometheus Device" and since then, it's been popping up on geek and tech sites all over the web.

The device emulates what we see from the character of Pyro in X-Men 3: The Last Stand, sans his power to manipulate the fire once launching it out of his palm. Check out the demo video for the neat-but-incredibly-dangerous device below.


I'm impressed by both the device, its functionality and the bravery of its user, Mr. Bradford. I expect this dude will easily get a job with this spreading all over the net like wild fire. Get it?

This video went up on Monday and he promises a follow-up to go through the components and its construction so if you're interested in how it was made, check his YouTube channel in the coming days.

Screen Rant does not endorse the use of technological devices to emulate super human powers.

What do you think of the flame thrower? Maybe he's gunning for a role in X-Men 4?

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