SR Pick [Video]: Can a Wonder Woman Movie Be Good?

Have you been eagerly anticipating a big budget Wonder Woman film to join in on the fun Batman’s been having and that which Green Lantern will hope to do, two summers from now?

Well, this may be the closest thing you’ll get: Olivia Munn dressed up in her Wonder Woman outfit to show us all why being a superheroine isn’t always as Wonderful as you may think.

Check out the video below:

For me, this parody video goes to show some of the reasons why it may be impossible to make a great live-action Wonder Woman film. I don’t think it can be done, at least not if they keep true to the source material – the character just isn’t made for it.

She flies an invisible plane which will look sweet on the silver screen, but the best part will seeing Wonder Woman fight villains with her… lasso of truth, keeping everyone honest. I Wonder if that has anything to do with why Megan Fox doesn't like Wonder Woman?

In all seriousness though, from the costume, to her weapons, to her vehicle, to her villains – this stuff can’t be done be done in live-action with a serious tone, without changing too much about the character which would then not be accepted by fans of the character and comics.

That being said, Wonder Woman is an iconic and important character for DC, and if Warner Bros. want to compete with Marvel Studios and their Avengers film down the road, they’re going to have to figure some way of giving Wonder Woman a modernized non-animated film. I just can't picture a movie like this performing well at the box-office at this point - It'd have to be loaded with insane action and a cast loaded with bankable actors.

Can Wonder Woman work as a live-action feature?

Wonder Woman has long been in development and its currently tentatively planned for a 2011 release which will likely not be the case.

Source: G4TV

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