SR Pick [Video]: Unfinished Avetar Trailer Leaked Early

Fan boys around the world, get ready to for the ultimate geekasm! People, big and small, old and young, ugly and not so ugly, are clamoring around the world to watch James Cameron's new $235 million dollar, effects laden, eye-popping extravaganza titled Avatar! Don't believe me about the hype surrounding this movie? Then you obviously weren't one of the web users that crashed the Avatar website Monday trying to get free tickets to watch 16 minutes of glorious Avatar footage.

Well, since we can't bring you the real trailer until August 21st August 20th, we decided to show you a trailer put up on YouTube by user davechandler. The graphics and special effects are far from finished and I'm sure they will be touched up and "kick-ass-ified" for the world-wide official release, but they give you a pretty good idea of what to expect. Enjoy!

What did you think? You can almost see Sam Worthington jumping in a battle suit and kicking some defenseless Na'vi butt. I mean, if I had a battle suit and was stranded on an unfamiliar planet, that's the first thing I would do. Especially the pink one, I have a black spot in my heart for pink furry things and he/she/it would be the first one to go down.

Have no fear though; the official trailer for Avatar should release tomorrow. Stay tuned to Screen Rant's Movie Trailers page to watch it when it drops.

Are you excited to watch Avatar and were you able to get free tickets to the extended viewing?

The real Avatar opens December 18, 2009.

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