SR Pick [Video]: The Dark Knight is Confused Rap

The popular Barely Political channel on YouTube has a series of hilarious parody videos about geek culture, pop culture and internet celebrities. In their Key of Awesome series - which regularly garners over a hundred thousand views, sometimes in the millions - they put up an awesome music video which pokes fun at the biggest comic book movie of all time: The Dark Knight.

The episode is titled "The Dark Knight is Confused" and stars Batman himself alongside Alfred and The Joker with a funny intro from Commissioner Gordon and his son. This is a must-watch; Batman's beginning to wonder if his movie makes sense...

Key of Awesome episode #8:


I laughed out loud a few times while watching this and I applaud the folks at Barely Political for their creativity and work put in this and the other videos they have up. And much respect to Mark Douglas who plays all of the characters, nailing some of the voices - especially Michael Caine's.

Not to get into a debate about The Dark Knight, a movie that is one of my favorites, but I did have problems with several story elements and character moments with Christopher Nolan's Batman sequel, and this video partly touches on some of them in a comical way. What do you think of the video and more importantly, of the points they're trying to make?

If you liked this video and are into political comedy, check out the official website for Barely Political.

With Christopher Nolan's next project, Inception, coming out in July, hopefully we'll hear something about another Batman movie sooner rather than later.

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