SR Pick [Video]: Captain America vs. Iron Man

Captain America vs. Iron Man Civil War Fight Video

One of the biggest comic book events in recent history was that of Marvel's Civil War story arc which took place between 2006-2007, building on several major crossovers that came before it. The plot revolved around the implementation of the Superhuman Registration Act which caused a split between Marvel's heroes (and some villains) and spawned a small war between what would normally be our favorite heroes working together.

This caused in-fighting amongst the Fantastic Four, it forced Spider-Man to be torn between the two sides and reveal his identity and most notably, it caused the separation between Captain America and Iron Man.

The tagline for this event was rightfully "Whose Side Are You On?" and you had to pick between Iron Man being for the registration act or with Captain America and his underground resistance being against the act.

The story hit mainstream news outlets around the world when it concluded with the death of Captain America. But before that occurred, one of the most memorable scenes in the story was when the two sides met at a petrochemical plant in Civil War: Part Three. It was a trap set by Tony Stark and Captain America allowed him one last chance to convince him before shaking his hand. Little did Stark know that Cap has a little device on his glove that scrambled Iron Man's suit and launched the two groups of heroes into a brawl.

The fight between Captain America and Iron Man was retold in this video:


Once you get into it past the first 30 seconds, it's actually pretty amazing. The shots and fight choreography are very well done and if the stop-motion was only a little smoother, it really would be amazing.

So, which side are you on?

Iron Man 2 opens in North America theaters today!

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