SR Pick [Video]: Uncle Matin's Sword Trick

Funny Internet Video Uncle Matin's Sword Trick

Oh YouTube, what would we do without you? From your funny cat videos to beloved toy commercials from the 1980s, you give us everything we need to waste away hours of our lives every week when we could be doing something far more productive. Of course, YouTube can be a fickle temptress. Sometimes, it just gives you pure garbage and tries to pass it off as entertainment.

Most of the time, these laughably bad Internet videos come from well-intentioned but dreadfully unfunny comedians who are trying to hit it big with a goofy parody sketch. Other times, however, the sketch finds the perfect balance of absurdist humor, pop culture savvy, and dead-on casting to make it truly worthwhile. Recently, we were lucky enough to come across one of the latter.

Entitled "Uncle Matin's Sword Trick," this video from the sketch comedy group Zeke Mahogany starts off slow, but delivers a punch line that will make you laugh out loud and slap yourself in the forehead for not seeing it coming. Saying anything more than that would ruin the surprise, so I'll just let you check out the video below.


BOOM! Is that funny or what? I felt like such a fool for not figuring out what was happening sooner. Once you get the Indiana Jones reference, everything in the video just snaps into place. I especially like how he tosses the sword from right hand to left hand as if it's part of the trick. Poor, poor Uncle Matin. He didn't even get a chance.

Zeke Mahogany has only just started posting sketches on its YouTube channel. In fact, Uncle Matin's Sword Trick was the group's first upload. If this video is any indication of the group's comedy skills, however, they will definitely be worth keeping an eye on. As I mentioned at the top of the post, funny videos on YouTube can be hard to come by. It's a rare treat to find consistently good material. Here's hoping Zeke Mahogany keeps delivering.

One last fun fact for Chuck fans: You probably noticed Mark Christopher Lawrence, aka Big Mike in this sketch. It's always cool to see actors you know from TV showing up in funny online videos. It definitely gives more credence to the long-term viability of YouTube as an entertainment channel.

Source: YouTube

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