SR Pick: Superman/Batman: (Real Life) Public Enemies!

EXTRA: "Superman" and "Batman" got into a scuffle with the NYPD last night in Times Square, NYC!

Jeez... we'd recently heard that Superman and Batman are "Public Enemies" - guess some people are taking the news literally. Check out this bizarre (and hilarious!) story:

The New York Post is reporting that two young men, Maksim Katsnelson and Frank Frisoli - dressed as Superman and Batman respectively - caused quite the stir yeterday evening in Times Square when they battled it out with cops.

Apparently the two friends went to Times Square fully costumed (see the pics) and were trying to do a little panhandling when police approached and inquired whether the pair had the necessary licenses for performing in public. When the two "superheroes" replied they didn't have the required licenses, the cops then asked for ID; when the pair responded that they didn't have IDs either (geniuses), the police proceeded to cuff Frisoli (a.k.a. "Batman").

That's when Katsnelson ("Superman") reportedly flew ran off, screaming, "I'm not getting arrested!" When a female officer tried to subdue Katsnelson, the faux Man of Steel "...freaked out and punched the girl cop in the face," Frisoli said later.

After THAT, an epic "battle" ensued. Said witness Ryan McCormick (who also provided the photos):

The Man of Steel didn't go down with just two officers, it took seven officers!...He was putting up a good fight. Little kids were like, 'Mommy, it's Superman!

Sounds brutal! Let's  take a look:

Katsnelson/Superman - age 23, a Bronx resident - was cuffed and taken to the Midtown South station house. Frisoli/Batman - who is visiting NYC from Maine -  was cuffed to a chair for awhile (see below), but eventually was released, as he did not cause any real trouble, police determined. Said Frisoli: "We were just having a good time..."


In the end, witnesses report that Frisoli/Batman walked off unscathed, in the company of another costumed character: The Statue of Liberty. However, after punching a female officer I doubt Katsnelson/Superman is going to fare as lucky. Guess we'll know soon enough if Superman can bruise...

Source: The New York Post

Photo Source: Ryan McMormick (witness at the scene)

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