SR Pick: Cool Illustrated Disney/Marvel Mash-Up

One of the biggest stories of 2009 came our way back in August when Walt Disney announced it was acquring Marvel. Immediately after the story broke, we put together a comprehensive report on what the merger meant for our favorite superheroes and comic book icons.

While there was some initial fear that Disney might try to sanitize the darker content from Marvel's properties, we (along with most of you readers) ultimately came to the agreement that Disney wouldn't try to fix what wasn't broken, and that the merger would be a great thing for Marvel and a good thing for comic-inspired movies overall.

Of course, after we dissected the nitty gritty business details and the potential ramifications of the acquisition, we spent some time sharing the fun stuff, like these amusing new takes on classic Disney and Marvel characters and this hilarious musical edition of "I'm a Marvel...I'm a DC." Now, as the year winds down, we have one more great Disney/Marvel mash-up to share courtesy of  T Campbell and John Waltrip. Entitled "Epic Misney," the piece brings all of our favorite Marvel and Disney characters into one highly detailed scene that is truly deserving of its title.

Check out a sample of the illustration below. For the full image, click the picture.

There is so much awesomeness happening in this picture that it's easy to miss some of the great details. For instance, did you notice Marvel Hercules sharing a toast with Disney Hercules? Or how about Sully and Mike offering the Incredible Hulk a new job at Monster's Inc? If you'd like to study the picture in even greater detail, Campbell and Waltrip are selling limited edition prints of the illustration for only $14.99. They are only producing 50 of them though, so you'll have to act fast to get one for yourself.

What was your favorite part of "Epic Misney"?

Source: /Film

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