SR Pick [Video]: 50 Movie Trailers In One

For some, myself included, movie trailers are part of the movie-going experience. The commercials that precede them are the annoying things, but the trailers (as long as there's not too many) add to the enjoyment of going to the movies. Of course, following daily movie news means we see trailers online before we do in theaters, which is slightly less affective in my eyes but nonetheless, a well made trailer can essentially decide whether someone will see a movie or not.

For the most part, the best movie in the world isn't going to get butts in seats if it has a horrible trailer...

Sometimes they can be subtle yet still stay in your mind afterwards (the Little Children trailer comes straight to mind), and sometimes they can be bold and in-your-face, acting as an all-out assault on the senses to make as much of an impression as possible in the short span of the trailer, forcing the film firmly in mind when you turn up to the movie theater.

Today for our Screen Rant Pick, we have a rather nifty and extremely well put together mash-up of 50 trailers of all different types of movies in just under 4 minutes, created by Youtube user "vadoskincheg." With maybe the exception of a couple, they're all movies from the last year or so, and should be relatively fresh in your mind if you go to the movies often (and I'm betting you do). The movies range from 2012 to The Stepfather, Pineapple Express to Max Payne, so whatever your tastes, they're bound to be catered for here :).

It's a bit repetitive as it goes in terms of building up, slowing down and then building up again. but you can't deny it's well done. Without further ado, check it out and enjoy:


Pretty epic, huh?

Thoughts on the trailer to end all movie trailers?

Source: Youtube user "vadoskincheg" (thanks to The High Definite and Collider)

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