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5 'Girl Shows' That Guys Should Be Watching

Sometimes a TV series gets unfairly tagged with a gender-biased label. In the spirit of enlightenment, we present 5 so-called 'Girl Shows' That Guys Should Be Watching.

The 10 Nastiest Horror Movie Ghosts

James Wans 'Insidious Chapter 2' is out in theaters with a brand new cast of unpleasant ghosts, so we're taking a tour through some of the nastiest ghosts ever caught on film. Come with us... if you dare.

Top 10 Samuel L. Jackson Movie Hairstyles

He's one of Hollywood's biggest stars, but Samuel L. Jackson's hair is every bit as enthralling as his acting. Here are our favorites from throughout his career.

Screen Rant's 2013 Fall Movie Preview

Our 2013 Fall Movie Preview breaks down the major movies headed to theaters, along with release dates and trailers to help you decide what to see.

Screen Rant's Summer 2013 Movie Awards

The Summer 2013 movie season is over - and so we look book to award those films worthy of distinction for either strengths, flaws or accomplishments.

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