SR Live Coverage: The 82nd Annual Academy Awards

Time to roll out the red carpet, put on your best outfit and practice sitting in an auditorium for four hours just to find out that someone else won as tonight is the night that filmmakers and movie goers have been waiting for all year. It’s time for the Oscars!

Whether it’s soldiers disarming bombs in The Hurt Locker, an all out seafood war with Prawns in District 9 or even a couple of $500 million blue cats in Avatar; audiences around the world have been treated to a veritable treasure trove of motion picture excellence. While many believe they already know who’s going to win, don’t be too surprised if you see a couple unexpected winners here and there… especially with Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin taking over as hosts.

So, join us back here at 8PM (EST) as the gang here at Screen Rant gets together to provide live coverage of the 82nd Annual Academy Awards.

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