SR Live Coverage: The Golden Globe Awards

2011 Golden Globe Awards

With the award season in full swing, we at Screen Rant figured that maybe we should be covering these prestigious events because who knows, Mariah Carey could get up and say something crazy at one of these things OR Mariah Carey could get up and say something crazy at two of these things.

In case of such events, the general consensus is that we need someone around to provide hilarious, informative and cute/endearing commentary as well as someone that you, the reader, can yell at when you don’t agree with something we say.

So, join us back here at 8PM (EST) and we’ll kick things off as the always wonderful Ricky Gervais hosts the 2010 Golden Globe Awards.

In case you're wondering who's nominated for what or if you're just in a general curious mood, here's a list of all the nominations so you can follow along.

No need to wait til 8pm. Start your predictions now.

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