Edgar Wright Calls For Anna Kendrick Squirrel Girl Movie

Anna Kendrick Squirrel Girl

Over the course of the Marvel Cinematic Universe so far, a number of fan-favorite Marvel Comics characters have come to life - including some that may not have been well known prior to joining the live-action universe, like the Guardians of the Galaxy or Netflix's Jessica Jones. As the MCU expands, even more heroes will be joining the world of The Avengers, such as Captain Marvel - who, it was recently announced, will be portrayed by Brie Larson. But, one fan-favorite character yet to be introduced to the MCU, or revealed to be part of Marvel Studios' plans going forward, is Doreen Green a.k.a. Squirrel Girl.

Talk of a Squirrel Girl movie first began in 2014 when Marvel filed a trademark for the character, though it seemed to be for the hero's 2015 comic reboot, The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, from writer Ryan North and artist Erica Henderson. However, Unbeatable did reinvigorate fan interest in Squirrel Girl, and many have been calling for a movie or a television show in the MCU following the character. Pitch Perfect's Anna Kendrick is the first choice for many fans when it comes to casting Doreen Green. Now, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World director Edgar Wright has voiced his support for a Kendrick-starring Squirrel Girl movie.

Wright tweeted about the number of stars from Scott Pilgrim who have gone on to play superheroes in other film and TV roles - Chris Evans as Captain America in the MCU and the Human Torch in Fox's 2005 Fantastic Four, Michael Cera as Robin in The LEGO Batman Movie, and Larson as Captain Marvel. Additionally, he called for Kendrick to star in a Squirrel Girl movie seemingly in order to continue the trend:

In Scott Pilgrim: Superman, Cap America, Human Torch, Punisher, Cap Marvel, Lego Robin & The Atom. Get @AnnaKendrick47 a Squirrel Girl film.

— edgarwright (@edgarwright) August 4, 2016

Kendrick responded to Wright's initial tweet, and the pair joked about the actress's take on Squirrel Girl defeating Captain America, the Human Torch, and Captain Marvel in the hypothetical movie. Wright previously worked with Marvel Studios on the Paul Rudd-starring Ant-Man film, though the director left the project prior to the beginning of filming due to creative difference. Kendrick previously commented on playing Squirrel Girl after being asked which superhero, if any, she'd like to portray in the current trend of comic book adaptations.

Of course, Marvel has yet to announce any live-action adaptation starring the Squirrel Girl character - even as actresses like Kendrick and Stranger Things' Shannon Purser continue to make it known via social media that they would be interested in such a project. Certainly, Marvel Studios has garnered a reputation for planning out the next phases of their shared superhero universe, particularly the film side of it, many years in advance. As such, if a Squirrel Girl movie is in the works, news of it won't arrive for some time and the film itself likely wouldn't hit theaters until after 2020.

Still, it remains to be seen whether Marvel decides to bring this particular fan-favorite character to live-action. Although the MCU may be moving in a darker direction thanks to Captain America: Civil War, Marvel's universe still lends itself to lighter stories. The high school-focused Spider-Man: Homecoming could inspire a college-set Squirrel Girl movie following in the footsteps of the Unbeatable comic storyline. That said, at the moment, a Squirrel Girl movie starring Kendrick (or a Netflix series starring Purser) remain in the realm of fan speculation.

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We’ll keep you updated on Squirrel Girl as more information becomes available.

Source: Edgar Wright/Twitter

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