15Best: Parasite Eve II

Parasite Eve

The first Parasite Eve was released in 1998 for the PlayStation 1. It was a huge departure for Square Enix at the time, as the game sported a more aggressive real-time combat system. It's unlike the Final Fantasy games that Square was churning out those years, which all contained different

versions of the old-school turn-based battle system.

While many critics praised Parasite Eve's stunning graphics (at the time), refreshing gameplay, and horror elements, the story was strongly lacking.

One year later, Square took these criticisms to heart and released the much-improved sequel, Parasite Eve II. It removes the Active Time Bar from the first game, which governs the order of actions during a battle, and, instead, gives players even more freedom with how they tackle combat.

Parasite Eve II also contains a better story and writing, along with a harmonious soundtrack from composer Naoshi Mizuta. It is what a every sequel should and can be.

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