Incredible Alternate Batman, Wolverine and Deadpool Designs Revealed At SDCC

Comic-Con's biggest headlines might be movie trailers and TV news, but there was plenty going on with comic books and action figures this weekend as well. Square Enix, the video game company responsible for Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts, was there with figures from its popular Play Arts Kai line. Previous years' figure reveals from the company have included variant designs for several well-known comic book characters, including Thor and Batman. The designs usually feature dramatic costumes reminiscent of those worn by characters in the well-known fantasy role play games, and the Square Enix line-up often includes the debut of new prototype figures.

This year is no exception, as the company debuts two new prototype figures in the Play Arts Kai line, along with a display of an amazing new DC variant. The prototypes are both incredibly popular Marvel characters, and are sure to get hearts racing among fans of high-end figures.

Square Enix prominently displays their brand new Batman variant figure: Two-Face Batman. As the name suggests, this designs combines the Dark Knight with one of his most famous adversaries, to create a completely unique variant design. Occupying center stage at the booth, however, is a gray prototype figures of Deadpool, and one of Wolverine. All figures come with various accessories, alternate weapons, hands, and even faces, although the final accessory count is still unconfirmed (as these are prototype figures).



Two-Face Batman will be joining the ranks of previous Play Arts Kai Batman figures, which have included a figure designed by Final Fantasy artist Tetsuya Nomura, multiple Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice-inspired figures, and even a steampunk Batman variant. On the Marvel side, this will be the first time that Deadpool or Wolverine gets the Play Arts Kai treatment.

These figures are all absolutely stunning - nothing less than we have come to expect from Square Enix. All of them feature incredible detail, and the choice of accessories are spot on. Deadpool comes with guns, knives, and extra hands, but his best accessories are the addition of two different facial expressions — smirking and with a raised eyebrow. Marvel Toy News posted these stunning images of Wolverine, who also comes with various hands (with claws at different stages of retraction), a katana, and an alternate "berserker rage" face. The Batman figures also come with alternate weapons, hands and faces, including a batarang.

Although these figures are absolutely beautiful, we can only guess at the colors that will be featured on the Deadpool and Wolverine figures, which will have a huge impact on the final designs. Both are also "pending licensing approval", which could potentially mean that they don't make it onto shelves — although the chances of this being an issue are incredibly small. Although the figures are not yet available, they look absolutely incredible, and fans of Square Enix figures can definitely look forward to adding these to their collections.

Check out some of the other amazing Square Enix designs below!

Source: Marvel Toy News (Wolverine Images)

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Incredible Alternate Batman, Wolverine and Deadpool Designs Revealed At SDCC