SR Picks [Artwork]: Jocks vs. Nerds at the Box Office

The gang over at comes up with some pretty interesting ways of putting out movie-related statistics. This time they compared the box offices take of "Nerd movies" to those of "Jock movies." In other words, superhero movies vs. sports themed films - and it's a blowout: The nerds kicked the jocks' collective butts. :)

Not only did the superhero films make almost four times as much money, they actually had a higher rating from critics on average than the sports-themed movies (that one surprised me).

They came up with this spiffy graphic listing the box office grosses of both genres over the last 10 years (click on the image below for a much larger version):

Average per film of over $154MM for superhero movies vs $39MM for sports movies. Also overall superhero flicks garnered an average rating of 54% positive reviews vs. 43% positive based on the figures from

Now of course this isn't a definitive list (not EVERY sport was included - they tried to keep the number from each genre the same) but it's kind of fun thing - especially if you're more of a nerd than a jock. :-P

Source: MovieFill

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