SpongeBob Theory: What Are Krabby Patties Actually Made Of?

Fans of Nickelodeon's beloved animated series SpongeBob Squarepants have developed a deeply troubling theory concerning what Krabby Patties are actually made of. First debuting in 1999, the Stephen Hillenburg created series has become one of Nickelodeon's most popular shows of all-time. Taking place in the underwater city of Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob Squarepants follows the life of enthusiastic sea sponge SpongeBob.

When he isn't goofing off with Patrick Star or Sandy Cheeks, SpongeBob can typically be found at Krusty Krab, where he flips burgers for a living. However, these are no ordinary sandwiches, as the Krabby Patty is a favorite food of all Bikini Bottom citizens. The restaurant is run by Mr. Krabs, who has become quite wealthy thanks to love of his signature dish. He is insanely protective over what makes the Krabby Patty so special, and this fan theory may explain why.

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Screen Rant's latest SpongeBob Squarepants related video dives in to the dark truths behind the Krabby Patty. The full theory can be seen in the video featured at the top of this post, but here's the quick version. According to the theory, a Krabby Patty is actually made up of crab meat, making Mr. Krabs' business scheme all the more troubling. However, it isn't just crab meat, as they also hold "imitation crab meat" - which is made of fish. That's not all though, as the ingredient "King Neptune's Poseidon Powder" may also indicate they are laced with addictive drugs, as poseidon powder is a code name for cocaine.

Spongebob Squarepants, Patrick, Sandy, Mr. Krabs, and Squidward

If this theory is true, then SpongeBob Squarepants is a much darker show then it wants viewers to believe. Mr. Krabs is making his living off selling food made of his own species. He even appears to confirm as much in an episode when he takes a bite and says, "So that's what I taste like." In addition to this, the imitation crab meat also means that ever fish in Bikini Bottom is feasting on their own kind, making them all cannibals. But, going a step further, this theory would also indicate that every single Krusty Krab regular is actually addicted to cocaine.

Of course, this is just a wild theory that will most likely never be confirmed by the show. This would be too dark of a revelation for the show to make, as it would completely change how viewers watch the decades of adventures play out. Instead of being a family-friendly cartoon, SpongeBob Squarepants becomes a story about a businessman who has taken control of the city through unthinkable methods. So, even though the theory does make sense with this evidence, those who believe it shouldn't expect to see future episodes of the show or new movies confirm this dark explanation.

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