SpongeBob At 20: 10 Legendary Memes Inspired By The Show

Spongebob Squarepants turns 20 this year, making it one of the longest running cartoons in history. Generations of children have grown up watching it, and those who saw the first season with it aired can now enjoy newer episodes with their kids. The series still manages to pull in strong ratings and has branched off into multiple media ventures, including two feature films, toys, and video games. It's also become a goldmine for new memes. There are hundreds of memes that use Spongebob to convey any number of emotions and situations, all to hilarious effect. Here are 10 of the best memes the show has inspired over the years.

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10 Oh Neptune

Spongebob's always-frustrated driving teacher, Mrs. Puff, has had to put up with a lot during the series' run. Her inability to teach Spongebob how to drive leaves her with a sense of existential dread. When she says "oh Neptune," something bad is about to go down. While not as popular as some of the other memes on this list, it has spawned some of the funniest results. It is often used as a reaction meme, usually putting her in the role of a famous character right before everything hits the fan.

9 Surprised Patrick

One of the oldest Spongebob memes, Surprised Patrick is often photoshopped into pictures or GIFs. This makes it look like Patrick is reacting to whatever is going on in the scene. Over the years, Surprised Patrick has been spliced into movie scenes, famous artwork, and stock photos. It's sometimes hidden in a photo, like Where's Waldo, encouraging viewers to find him.

8 Confused Mr. Krabs

The cheapest of cheapskates, Mr. Krabs can be a pain in the neck, but at the end of the day, he's just trying to keep his business afloat (no pun). This meme puts everyone's favorite crustacean in a chaotic situation. The sides blurred in a way that makes it look like the world is spinning. The meme is applied to situations of panic and confusion, where someone knows they're in deep, but not quite sure exactly what's going on at the same time.

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7 Squidward's Lounge Chair

A recent meme, this one depicts Spongebob's neighbor, Squidward Tentacles, getting ready to enjoy some quality R&R, only to be sorely disappointed. Usually used in the context of something that is too good to be true, the meme begs the question: "what's the catch?" Occasionally, the meme concludes with a copy of the first image, indicating that the user has found a workaround to whatever problem they were facing.

6 Spongebob Burning Paper

Similar to the Scroll of Truth meme, this meme denotes the dental of a fact or piece of common sense. Often used to reinforce an opinion, the meme satirizes those it is used against, indicating that they're too arrogant to accept another's viewpoint. It can also be used to the opposite effect to discard an unpopular opinion that the original poster doesn't agree with. It has occasionally been used as a form of self-deprecation, wherein the OP discusses a problem they have like a bad habit or some other issue that they have no intention of fixing.

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5 Squidward Looking Out the Window

Frequently used by gamers, this meme denotes a fanbase or audience that is missing out on something cool. The meme suggests that those who aren't joining in on the fun are jealous and secretly wish they could join. Of course, much like Squidward himself, the subjects this meme is mocking will deny any proposed envy, even though we all know better. After all, Squidward has shown time and time again that his callous demeanor is just a guise that's easily broken.

4 Sleeping Squidward

Everyone has that one thing that keeps them up at night. Whatever it is, the Sleeping Squidward meme has it covered. Identical to the Sleeping Shaq meme, Sleeping Squidward can be used in either two ways. The first is used to describe a situation that can wake anyone up out of a deep sleep. The second mocks other people's priorities. This can either be used in a self-deprecating way or to be critical of someone else's viewpoint. Political memes often use Sleeping Squidward to attack an opposition leader's viewpoints or goals, using their intentions to accuse them of hypocrisy.

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3 SpongeGar

Also called Caveman Spongebob, SpongeGar originates from an episode where Squidward travels back in time and accidentally invents jellyfishing. As a meme, the loincloth-wearing cave sponge is a stand-in for someone who's just found themselves in a compromising situation. Like Surprised Patrick, this meme is usually photoshopped into images. One of the most popular Spongebob memes, SpongeGar became an instant favorite when it showed up in 2016, and it's still used extensively today.

2 Savage Patrick

Also called Evil Patrick, this meme is meant to convey the sense of sadistic joy that the OP feels when they do something mean-spirited. This can range from the innocuous to the potentially criminal. It's not surprising that the image is regularly seen in NSFW memes, giving it a notorious reputation. Things became even darker after it was discovered that the image came from an episode where Patrick mistakes a naked Spongebob for a jellyfish and attempts to catch him. A screenshot of the episode, featuring Spongebob in his birthday suit, later became a spinoff meme serving as an expansion of the original image.

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1 Mocking Spongebob

This is easily the most popular Spongebob meme in use today. Used to mock others, the meme repeats what someone said in alternating capital and lower case letters. The result is a caption that reads like the exaggerated, mocking voice that people use to criticize someone. Paired with the picture of Spongebob pretending to be a bird, the image is the perfect counter to any argument. A one of a kind meme, Mocking Spongebob has become a staple of meme culture and was recently made into a toy by Nickelodeon.

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