Spock Confirmed To Appear In Star Trek: Discovery Season 2

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Jonathan Frakes confirms that Spock will make an appearance in season 2 of CBS All Access’ Star Trek: Discovery. Frakes comments come from a recent appearance at the El Paso Comic Con, where he discussed his involvement in the series, first mentioning that he will return to direct two episodes in the upcoming season. Moreover, he shared some details that will be of interest to longtime fans of the franchise, saying episode 2 of the new season will not only feature Anson Mount as Captain Pike, but that it will also offer up a role for young Spock, via a flashback. 

The details come after the announcement of Mount’s casting and confirmation that Pike will appear on the series, as well as the news that comedian and actor Tig Notaro will have a guest role in season 2 as an engineer aboard another Starfleet vessel. The casting news, along with Anthony Rapp’s social media post about being reunited with the series’ cast indicate all systems are go as far as production on the new season is concerned, and with Frakes offering up episode-specific information at a con, then it would seem the second season of Discovery is further along in its development than previously thought. 

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Frakes’ comments were reported on Twitter by convention attendee and Trek podcaster Justin Oser, who also stated that a young Michael Burnham would appear in the flashbacks alongside young Spock. Check out Oser’s tweets below:

Frakes also said there will be a young Burnham in the flashbacks for episode 2 of season 2 of #StarTrekDiscovery #ElPasoComicCon

— Justin Oser (@trekfan4747) April 14, 2018

The second episode of the new season now promises to be a must-watch hour for Trek fans. So far, the series has kept interactions between Michael and her adoptive family mainly between her and Sarek, leaving her more famous sibling to remain offscreen. Though it’s certainly not as big a deal as, say, an adult Spock interacting with an adult Michael, the idea that the two may be seen together in flashback is intriguing — and possibly contentious, depending on your opinion regarding this particular addition to the Trek lore — but it may also be seen as the series testing the waters in terms of additional appearances by major Star Trek characters. 

The promise of Captain Pike and an appearance by the U.S.S. Enterprise late in season 1 certainly seems to suggest Discovery’s intentions in that regard. But it remains to be seen just how far the series can or is willing to go in terms of bringing some of the most famous names in the franchise aboard this newly christened vessel. But if the series aims to do so, Spock is by far the most logical choice. Whether or not we’ll ever see him in that blue bStarfleet shirt or not remains to be seen, but if this apparent upcoming flashback works well within the context of what the series is hoping to accomplish in season 2, such a thing might not be outside the realm of possibility. 

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Source: Justin Oser 

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