Supernatural: The 10 Freakiest And Creepiest Characters Ever, Ranked

After 15 years on the air, Supernatural has given us many things. Feelings for the Winchester brothers, tears of joy and screams of despair, wholesome and hilarious memes, the sudden wish to join a gym and become a badass fighter... And did we mention many feeling towards the Winchester brothers? Yes, we probably did.

But more than anything else, Supernatural gives us chills. The kind of chills you get when you're 5 years old and your parents tell you about the Boogeyman. If there's one thing this show has the ability to do, it brings out your deepest darkest fears and translates them onto the screen. And through no other way than coming up with some creepy monsters, granted to make any grown adult weep and hug his mother. Now that the show is coming to an end, it's time we look back to the freakiest and creepiest characters that ever made it to Supernatural. Oh, and you might want to arrange a sleepover after this.

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10 Melanie Merchant

Look, there's just something about pale and ghastly looking children that gives people the creeps. Look at all the greatest horror movies of all time, and they're bound to include a child somewhere in the mix. Of course, Supernatural wouldn't miss the chance of including their own version of this trope on the show. This one came in the form of Melanie Merchant.

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Way back in season one, our favorite pair of brothers come across a painting whose owner turns up dead. Any owner. And guess who was the culprit? The lovely adopted daughter that turned out to be a homicidal ghost. As if her face isn't enough to give you the chills, she also drags around a razor and a stuffed animal. So much for childhood innocence!

9 Thinman

Probably due to some sort of copywriting issue, the showrunners couldn't bring Slenderman to life. You know Slenderman, the creepy thin figure that has been popping up in random pictures throughout the course of history? Just kidding, it's a meme. Well, that didn't stop Supernatural from coming up with their own version of Slenderman. They didn't stretch a lot of brain muscles either coming up with the name Thinman.

They take a fun spin on the whole thing, with Thinman starting out as an Internet invention that eventually gains a life of its own. And although it's revealed that the murders were human idiots, the figure that appears on the phone of a dead teenager is still enough for us to pray no one meme attempts to come to life.

8 The Benders (Children)

If you thought we were done with the scary children topic, then think again! When it comes to creepy points, getting children on board of the story will add at least a million. The scale doesn't really matter, it only matters that the children portion of The Benders made us want to go vegan for life.

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In case you forgot, The Benders were a family of cannibalistic country people that enjoyed hunting people to feast on. Even Hannibal Lecter himself would think twice before approaching the small cannibals that killed people for sport and food. What makes the whole thing even worse, is that this was inspired by real-life events. Yeah, good luck trying to let that one go!

7 Soul Eaters

What's the second most common trope in horror movies? After the little scary children, of course. You guessed it, it's spirits! And what's even scarier than spirits you can't see that go about their murdering ways is spirits that you can actually see. Spoiler alert: they look like something out of a deranged psychopath's nightmares.

The Soul Eaters were ancient spiritual entities that enjoyed long walks on the beach and talking about their feelings. No, they didn't. They actually liked feasting on human souls, and sometimes even trapping them somewhere between who knows and go figures. Yes, imagine having your soul trapped forever, even after you're dead. Doesn't sound like much, especially of the one who did it look like decaying corpses.

6 Pishtaco

The monster that launched a thousand memes, Pishtaco has both the potential of being hilarious and the ability to keep you awake at night wishing you remembered to hang your coat somewhere else. It's okay, you can rest, it's not a serial killer that will suck the body fat out of your cute muffin top. That's just Pishtaco!

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Look, in their defense, the species we came to know as Pishtaco doesn't usually kill their prey. You can actually look at it as the world's weirdest and creepiest symbiotic relationship — the Pishtaco will suck your body fat out, you'll look like a million bucks, and they'll be fed! But just because it doesn't kill, doesn't mean it can't have a place here. Why? Because look at it, that's why.

5 Rakshasa (The Clown)

Oh no, we are absolutely not done with the most common horror movie tropes! Over the course of 15 years, Supernatural simply had to play around with what tends to be the most common fear amongst human being in general. We're not exactly sure what it is that makes clowns so absolutely creepy, but they are, and nothing will ever change that. Not even a family trip to the circus.

Supernatural introduced us to shapeshifting cannibalism. No, we didn't know those words could go together either. They can't come into your house unless you invite them, so they take the form of a clown in order to get little innocent children to invite them in.

Pro tip: you probably want to rethink getting a clown as entertainment for your kid's next birthday party.

4 Leviathan

Leviathans are actually incredibly powerful creatures. They were God's first beasts, but eventually, he realized that they were a tad too dangerous to be let loose. What we can't understand is why in the name of all that's holy he would create such creepy beasts in the first place, but that's beside the point.

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Much like other wonderfully freaky monsters on this list, Leviathans have a knack for feasting on other's living beings, including humans and angels. The Frankenstein monster looks like a jolly walk in the park compared to these creepy pets, but hey, for each its own, right? Not our first choice coming into the adoption shelter, though.

3 Scarecrow

And finally, we make it onto the last creepy horror movie trope, the scarecrow! And we do not care about pop culture's attempt to make them likable (we're looking at you, Wizard of Oz), a doll with hollow eyes is creepy and unsettling in so many ways. In all fairness, the scarecrow wasn't actually evil, it was sort of possessed by a god called Vanir.

Vanir has this cute habit of wearing the skin of the victims that are sacrificed in his name. Someone should really introduce this fella to the brand new world of retail because that is not a good look on anyone. No Vanir, not even a pagan god. Thanks for the nightmares, though.

2 Shōjō

Do you have the bad habit of drinking one too many glasses of wine over dinner? Do you feel like it's time to get your fitness right, and drop the beer for good? Well, then Supernatural has the perfect, creepy solution for you! Introducing Shōjō, a Japanese spirit that can only be seen by drunk people and will rip your throat out!

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They look like all your childhood monsters got together and made a freaky, horrible monster that can also teleport. If you're rethinking all of your previous drinking experiences, we definitely can't blame you. Maybe if you drink enough you won't have to actually see it?

1 Changelings

And the award for the creepiest, freakiest character to ever appear on Supernatural goes to... the Changelings! Once again, spinning around the trope of weird and ghostly children, the show thought it was a brilliant idea to introduce a very particular kind of monster. This one has the ability to take over a kid's form and feed off their mother. Lovely!

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They will go to some crazy extents to protect the woman who is now their source of sustenance, but they don't last more than a handful of months. If by some miracle this list still hadn't made you rethink your intentions of reproducing, then the Changelings have probably done the trick. Thank you, Supernatural!

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