M. Night Shyamalan Teases Split Sequel Writing Process

James McAvoy in M. Night Shymalan's Split

WARNING: Major spoilers for Split follow


The M. Night Shyamalan comeback tour is in full effect with Split, the breakout hit of early 2017. After receiving the director's best reviews in more than a decade, the thriller has become a box office smash, grossing $112.5 million worldwide on a minuscule $9 million production budget. With the film an undisputed success, Shyamalan will likely have an opportunity to make the Split sequel he's been planning, and all signs are pointing to that being his next project.

Audiences are very interested to see that followup, especially given how Split concluded. In arguably the filmmaker's best twist ending since The Sixth SenseSplit's final scene revealed that the movie was actually an Unbreakable sequel all along, showing Bruce Willis' David Dunn learning of Kevin Wendell Crumb while out at a diner one day. Those excited to see Dunn square off against "The Beast" on the big screen will be pleased to learn Shyamalan is hard at work on that script.

Taking to Twitter, Shyamalan revealed that he currently has an 11-page treatment for his next film. While he doesn't outright say what it is (to avoid spoiling Split for his followers who haven't seen it yet), it's fairly obvious what he's referring to. Check out the post below:

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