Splinter Cell Reboot To Be Announced Soon?

Sam Fisher in Splinter Cell Blacklist

The Splinter Cell series may be making a return, if a surprise listing from Amazon Canada is anything to go by. Ubisoft's stealth franchise was a game changer when it first appeared back in 2002, delivering some truly incredible stealth gameplay alongside an efficient story that quickly built into a strong franchise with the release of such games as Pandora Tomorrow and Chaos Theory.

As such, Splinter Cell is seen as one of the great stealth series, but it's now been five years since a new release. Splinter Cell: Blacklist launched in 2013 with a slightly different tone and the shock removal of Michael Ironside as the voice of Sam Fisher, and although the game was still a good one it failed to meet Ubisoft's expectations. Since then, the series has remained dormant, aside from a Splinter Cell movie that seems to be going through some struggles of its own.

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However, Splinter Cell fans may have some good news soon, if a recently added (and removed) Amazon Canada listing is anything to go by. As spotted by Reddit user HurtPotato, a listing went up for Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell 2018 under Ubisoft, before being unceremoniously removed altogether. Given that E3 2018 is edging ever closer, it could mean that Splinter Cell players could be in for some more official news this summer at the expo.

Splinter Cell Blacklist Screenshot

A reveal at E3 2018 would certainly make sense for the series. After all, with no Assassin's Creed coming this year following the release of Assassin's Creed Origins, Ubisoft may well be looking for something to fill that void and Splinter Cell could do exactly that. What's more, with The Division 2 very likely to feature at the expo, it's a good chance for Ubisoft to double down on Tom Clancy franchises with a bit of Splinter Cell news as well.

An announcement at E3 would also coincide with comments from Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot at E3 2017, where he stated that "we are not forgetting Splinter Cell" when asked about the future of the franchise. It also matches up with rumors from 2016 that another Splinter Cell could be on the way with Michael Ironside returning, although it's certainly worth waiting for something official.

A return for Splinter Cell would certainly be appreciated by the video game community. The series made a huge impression when it was at its peak, and the popularity of the franchise to this day means that any further released would certainly generate a lot of interest. Hopefully, Ubisoft hasn't lost the knack for making those Splinter Cell games great.

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