Splice Cuts a Distribution Deal

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Splice, Vincenzo Natali's take on the perils of Frankenstein-like genetic experimentation, could be the next Paranormal Activity - at least that's what Joel Silver is banking on.

Dark Castle Entertainment is reportedly in the final stages of signing a distribution deal for the sci-fi thriller, which stars Adrian Brody and Sarah Polley as genetic scientists who create life by patching together the DNA from several species - humans included. The deal would put the film on 3,000 screens as well as commit $25-40 million for promotion and advertising.

With the success of both District 9 and Paranormal Activity, Studios have been scrambling to unearth the next low-budget, independent thrill-fest. Who can blame them, with the astronomical amounts of money it takes to make movies these days? Seeking out a greater number of less costly opportunities, with potentially large pay-offs, is definitely a viable strategy.

That said, the Splice deal didn't come cheap: it required a much steeper investment (and subsequent gamble) by Dark Castle Entertainment than the Paramount Pictures' deal for Paranormal Activity. For the time being, it's a win for audiences, as a greater number of terrific independent films are being featured in more theaters - instead of disappearing into relative obscurity.

Splice doesn't have an official trailer yet. But let's just hope Warner Bros. doesn't use that $25-40 million promotion and advertising money for spoiling the ending moments of Splice like Paramount did with Paranormal Activity.

Think you'll go see Splice? How do you feel about the search for the next Paranormal Activity?

Source: Deadline Hollywood

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